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Seminer - Dr. H. Taha

ABD Kaliforniya Üniversitesi, Irvine, Makine ve Havacılık Mühendisliği Bölümünden Doç. Dr. Haithem Taha aşağıda başlığı ve özeti verilen konuda bir seminer verecektir. Toplantı tarihi, saati ve yeri aşağıda sunulmuştur.

Dr. H. Taha hakkında bilgi:

Toplantı zamanı: 19.10.2023 Perşembe saat 10:00 

Toplantı yeri: Elektrik Mühendisliği Bölümü C-157 Toplantı Salonu


Mathematical Control Theory in Aeronautical Engineering: 

Boosted Maneuverability in Stall & Unconventional Stability of Insect Flight

The great Russian Mathematician Vladimir Arnold once said, “Mathematics is the part of physics where experiments are cheap”. In this talk, I will present two modern applications in aeronautical engineering where simple, but rigorous, mathematical control theory led to game-changing results exploitation nonlinearities and time-variation rather than obviating them. First, I will present differential geometric control theory as a powerful analysis tool for airplane flight mechanics. Using such a theory, we discovered a novel rolling mechanism, due to nonlinear interactions between elevator and aileron, which has a significantly higher control authority near stall than the conventional linear rolling mechanism due to ailerons. This mechanism will help solve a chronic problem in aviation: loss of control near stall. Second, I will show how geometric control theory, when combined with averaging, provides rigorous mathematical tools for time-periodic systems. In particular, when applying to the hovering flight of insects or flapping-wing micro-air-vehicles, it revealed a fascinating stabilization mechanism that insects may unconsciously exploit during flight: vibrational stabilization.